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Hello and welcome to Coastal Fossil Adventures LLC located in Jacksonville, Florida!

Fossil collecting is addictive. Very Addictive and Very Fun. For over 35 years, I have hunted the fossils of the Southeastern United States and spent the last 20 + years making Florida my home. Florida spoils the fossil collector with its rich abundance of the remains of really old dead animals; in particular, fossil shark teeth. It would be my great pleasure to share these fossil riches with you. Either walking along the beach in very limited access areas or exploring by kayak, you are sure to love the adventure. I will teach you the techniques for finding fossils and help you to identify them. You will also learn about the animals that once lived here and the environment they called home. As an added bonus, I promise to only throw in a few bad jokes along the way. But be warned, fossil collecting is addictive and you may get hooked for life!

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       John Owen, Fossil Guide

Megalodon and Mako Shark Teeth

Megalodon and Mako Shark Teeth from a river exploration

Great White Shark Tooth

One very ecstatic beach trip collector with her newly found 2 1/2 inch Great White Shark Tooth!

Fossil Great White Shark Teeth

Fossil Great White Shark Teeth

Fossil Hunting on the river

Fossil Hunting on the river

shark tooth hunting

School Students enjoy a great day of shark tooth hunting on the beach

Young shark tooth hunters

Young shark tooth hunters in training

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