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Our Fossil Adventures

2013 Spring Beach Trip

Some great shark teeth found on a very successful morning of fossil collecting.

Two happy and fossil laden collectors from Georgia.

2012 Summer Kayak Trip
Beautiful day and the afternoon storms held off. Some nice shark teeth turned up including a sharp Great White. My trip guest and I had a great time and he kindly wrote me the following that evening:

“I really appreciate you taking the time for the Kayak trip yesterday, it was everything I expected it to be and more. I learned allot about sharks teeth, found a few and enjoyed your company, you are truly a good host and a great guide.”

Fred B.
Haverhill, Florida

A Sand Tiger shark tooth does it's best to hide, but to no avail

2012 Summer Beach Trip
Simply a perfect day for fossil collecting. A really enthusiastic family from Texas joined me and they found a bunch of stuff.

The father's own words sum things up well :

Here are the totals.
shark teeth = 270
equine tooth = 1
fish mouth = 1
fish vertebrae = 1
sea beans = plenty
sloth tooth = 1
puffer fish palates = 6
turtle shells = 10 (elements)
elephant ivory = 4 (pieces)
Fun time had by all, still counting....
Tired boys and grandmother = 4

2011 Winter Beach Trip
This early morning trip produced one of the finest Great White Shark teeth that I have ever seen. It measured approximately 2 1/2 inches and was flawless. To top things off, a beautiful horse tooth was also found. The lucky collector couldn't have been happier!

2011 Spring Beach Trip (Re-nourishment Site)
Beautiful Tiger and Grey Shark teeth were among the many shark teeth found. Some are pictured below. A large portion of the shark teeth were in great condition showing little or no wear.

2011 Late Winter Beach Trip
Below is a sampling of some fossils found during this scouting trip. It was a very productive day with a 1 3/4 inch Mako Shark tooth, two beautiful Tiger Shark teeth, as well as, nice specimens of Horse, Tapir and Sloth teeth turning up.

2010 Summer Beach Trip
Another fantastic trip. Among the finds shown below are two massive Tiger Shark teeth. Photo courtesy of J. Kelley.

2010 Spring Beach Trip
Craig, a fossil hound from Ohio, joined me for a great afternoon of collecting. He was kind enough to write me the following: "I had a great time with you on the beach and was pleasantly surprised with the "fresh" quality and the amount/variety of fossiliferous material. Compared to the material on the Gulf Coast beaches or even some of the fossils from the Peace River it shows very little sign of erosion... If I'm within striking distance again I won't hesitate to give you a call." Craig sent these pictures to me and has kindly allowed me to post them to document the day. Among the various fossils are numerous shark teeth, turtle and armadillo elements, a jaw bone, and a beautiful horse tooth.


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